Union Urges SCI to Narrow Focus to Most Important Issues

| June 27, 2016

The Teamsters Local 727 Bargaining Committee made it clear during negotiations with SCI management last week that narrowing the focus of bargaining is the only way to make real progress on a new contract for funeral directors, embalmers and drivers.

The union resubmitted its five proposals — 5 percent wage increases, locked-in health care coverage, increase 401(k) company match from 4 percent to 6 percent, the installation of body lifts at each location and a four-year contract term — and asked management to identify the company’s most important issues.

“The union and our members have already identified their core issues, and now it’s management’s turn to do the same,” said John Coli Jr., President of Local 727. “We need to focus on what’s really important so we can get closer to reaching a fair agreement.”

The union is working to schedule additional bargaining meetings with SCI management in August and September. Under federal law while bargaining continues, SCI may not change the status quo of any working condition even after the current contract has expired.

If you have questions, contact your Local 727 business representative, Nick Micaletti, at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].

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