| January 19, 2024

Teamsters Local 727 is incredibly proud to announce that yesterday, January 17th, hundreds of employees at SCR Medical Transportation, LLC, a subsidiary of Beacon Mobile voted to have Teamsters Local 727 be their sole collective bargaining representative. After months of SCR’s anti-Union tactics and unlawful behavior, workers in both the Pace and CPS Divisions voted yes for the Union. Unfortunately, the election for the Call Center division was lost by a handful of votes.
“When management spends $3,500 [1] a day on a Union buster and commits numerous unfair labor practices, it’s not a complete shock that their most vulnerable unit is scared to join the Union,” said John Coli, Jr., Teamsters Local 727 Secretary-Treasurer. “The Call Center division works closely with management, day in and day out. I can only imagine what kind of scare tactics $3,500 a day buys a bully. Yet despite SCR’s disgusting behavior, hundreds of their employees voted to become Teamsters.”
“I am in awe of our new brothers and sisters. SCR management put on a nasty campaign to try to dissuade members to join the Union, and still, their workers turned out,” Coli, Jr. continued. “The weather this week has been below freezing – brutally cold – and still, their workers turned out. It took months of organizing meetings, of phone calls, of emails, but they did it. Nearly 850 employees at SCR stood up and demanded the respect, dignity, and recognition they deserve.”
“Now that our new brothers and sisters have won their right to a Union, it’s time to get SCR to the table. If they have $3,500 a day to spend on Union busting, then there is plenty of money for fair wage increases, better benefits, and safer working conditions. And for those in the Call Center division who voted yesterday to join the Union and are disappointed, and even for those who did not, I promise you this – we aren’t going anywhere. Teamster Local 727 fights for all working people and everyone at SCR deserves better,” said Secretary-Treasurer, John Coli, Jr. “We say it every day; when we fight, we win. I am extremely proud of these new members for fighting for the Union.”
Members with questions should contact the Teamsters Local 727 Union Hall at (847) 696-7500.
[1] According to an LM-20 report filed by the Company in 2023 with the Office of Labor-Management Standards, the Company reported paying Joseph Brock $3,500 per day plus expenses to persuade employees.

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