Voting is Power

| September 24, 2020

By casting a ballot, Americans have the opportunity to effect change and make their voices heard. Members should consider early voting during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid crowds, long lines, and wait times on election day. Provided below is helpful information on registering to vote, early voting locations, labor-friendly candidates endorsed by 727, and important information on the Fair Tax Amendment to the Illinois Constitution.

Vote For the Fair Tax Amendment
One of the key issues 727 Members will vote on at the ballot box this year is the Illinois Fair Tax Amendment. If passed, the Fair Tax Amendment would create a graduated income tax that will directly benefit Members of 727 and the State of Illinois at large.

Illinois’ current tax system allows millionaires and billionaires to pay the same tax rate as those making minimum wage. The Fair Tax Amendment would correct this and lift the burden off the shoulders of our hardworking members, while making those earning $250,000.00 or more a year pay their fair share. Passage of the Fair Tax Amendment would be a great victory for all Union members. In fact, over 125 unions, including Local 727, support passage of the Fair Tax Amendment.

Illinois would not be the first state to implement a graduated tax rate. At least 34 other states have already implemented graduated tax rates. Graduated tax rates help middle and low-income families save on taxes while continuing to raise money to balance the state budgets, fund schools, and lower the burden of property taxes. State lawmakers believe that the graduated tax could bring in an extra three billion dollars in tax revenue for the state.

Local 727 encourages all members to vote For the Fair Tax Amendment.

Information on Early Voting, Registration and Labor-Friendly Candidates

Teamsters Local 727 encourages all members to check your registration status!

Click here to check your status now.

Information on registering to vote at your local polling place can be found here.

Early voting locations can be found here.

A list of labor-friendly candidates endorsed by Teamsters Local 727 can be found here.

“This election is more important than ever. We need to elect individuals who will end racial injustice, support labor unions, and provide the overdue economic support needed to assist those impacted by COVID-19. It is vital that every member vote in this election,” said John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727.


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