Union Works with Pharmacists to Prepare for CVS, Osco Negotiations

| February 17, 2016
Osco pharmacists and stewards met with Local 727 representatives on Jan. 24 and Jan. 31 at the union’s meeting hall in Park Ridge.

Osco pharmacists and stewards met with Local 727 reps Jan. 24 and Jan. 31 at the union’s meeting hall in Park Ridge.

Both Three-Year Contracts Expire May 7, 2016

Teamsters Local 727 representatives have spent the last several weeks gathering input from CVS and Osco pharmacists in preparation for upcoming contract negotiations.

Pharmacists had the opportunity to provide contract demands via mail, email, the union’s websites and meetings with Local 727 representatives.

Both current three year-contracts expire May 7, 2016.

“This is not the union’s contract, this is your contract,” said John T. Coli, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Our renewed commitment to keeping the dialogue between the union and our members constantly open has given each and every pharmacist the chance to make their voice heard about the issues that are most important to them.”

The union is currently working to set negotiation meeting dates with CVS and Osco management. The Local 727 Bargaining Committees will be comprised of union representatives, attorneys and CVS and Osco union stewards.

Over the last three years, Local 727 has placed a greater emphasis on communicating regularly and effectively with its CVS and Osco members. In addition to business representatives’ frequent worksite visits, the union vastly increased email communications, launched a quarterly pharmacist newsletter mailer, completely revamped its websites (CVSTeamsters.com, OscoTeamsters.com and TeamstersLocal727.org) and held ongoing “feedback session” focus group meetings with pharmacists to discuss workplace issues.

“We believe the combination of these tactics and the continued participation and enthusiasm of our members has made our CVS and Osco bargaining units stronger than ever,” Coli said. “That strength will be incredibly important as we enter contract negotiations and will be crucial in helping the union to secure better wages, benefits and working conditions for our pharmacist members.”

Throughout negotiations, Local 727 will provide pharmacists with timely bargaining updates via email blasts and CVSTeamsters.com, OscoTeamsters.com and TeamstersLocal727.org. To receive updates in your email inbox, contact Communications Director Maggie Jenkins at [email protected] or visit tinyurl.com/OscoTeamsters or tinyurl.com/CVSTeamsters.

Teamsters Local 727 represents more than 600 CVS and Osco pharmacists throughout the Greater Chicago area.


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