Union Still Fighting Against CVS Management’s Denial of Baby Bonding Time

| September 16, 2016

Teamsters Local 727 is still fighting against CVS management’s wrongful denial of baby bonding time.

Earlier this year, three CVS members were promised time off for baby bonding by CVS management as part of the company’s policy. Management then rescinded its promises, saying the pharmacists were not eligible because they are union members.

Local 727 filed an unfair labor practice charge and also filed grievances, which the union is preparing to take to arbitration because CVS management continues to deny the grievances and any wrongdoing.

In the meantime, CVS management decided to give the pharmacists their baby bonding time anyway.

“CVS is trying to make it look like they changed their minds out of the goodness of their hearts, but that’s simply not true,” said Local 727 President John Coli Jr. “It is only because the union has taken action and is fighting for our members that CVS has done anything. We have to remain vigilant to hold this company accountable.”


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