Union Reaches Favorable Settlements for Chicago Tribune Drivers, Arbitrations Looming

| November 30, 2017

Teamsters Local 727 has resolved multiple outstanding arbitrations that were filed on behalf of Chicago Tribune drivers. Over the past year, two drivers were wrongfully taken off their bidded runs and assigned to other runs or routes without being paid fairly for the work. Local 727 filed grievances on behalf of these two drivers and demanded that they be paid in accordance with the contract. When the Tribune refused, Local 727 filed the case for arbitration.

While the grievances were pending arbitration, Local 727 and Tribune management were able to come to a resolution and both drivers have since been compensated.

The Union also resolved an arbitration that had been filed on behalf of all vacation drivers. The grievance arose when the Tribune started to modify and split up open runs instead of offering the entire run to a vacation driver in violation of the collective bargaining agreement. Local 727 filed a grievance and, due to the Union’s efforts, going forward, the top 10 most senior vacation drivers will be allowed to have their choice of all open routes or relays prior to breaking up any established runs or routes and prior to taking routes or runs off the schedule for the week.

A third recent arbitration resolution ensures that all drivers will be called in seniority order from the top of the seniority list when a new sixth or seventh day opportunity becomes available. In this case, Local 727 filed a grievance when the Tribune refused to start from the top of the seniority list. The Union demanded that all senior drivers be given the opportunity to accept the overtime.

In early 2018, the Union will be arbitrating grievances over gap pay and compensation for drivers who work a sixth or seventh day.

Members with questions should contact Local 727 Business Representative Melissa Senatore at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].

Nothing in this article should be read as the union’s waiver of any legal argument, position or additional grievance. The union does not forfeit its right to make any and all supplemental arguments.


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