Teamsters Local 727 Demands Rollex Provide Workers With Hazard Pay

| April 13, 2020

Since the 1950s, Rollex’s manufacturing plant based in Elk Grove Village has specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum and metal moldings for kitchen, bath, and home exteriors as well as aluminum and steel siding and modular soffit systems for construction. For almost 50 years, Local 727 has represented Rollex’s production employees who work in various divisions of the production process (ranging from machine operators to material handlers, quality control, and maintenance employees). Due to the essential nature of the products generated by Rollex, all 70 workers, all Teamster members, are considered essential employees who will continue to report to work each day, putting their health and the health of their families at risk.

Teamsters Local 727 recently contacted Rollex management and demanded that the Company recognize the increased danger these employee’s face by compensating them with some sort of hazard incentive pay. The Company has not yet responded to the Union’s demand. Many Rollex employees rely on public transportation or carpooling in order to get to work each day – normal activities that in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis have either been eliminated or drastically reduced in order to ensure public safety. And yet, despite the new challenges faced by these members, Local 727 has received no complaints from the Company that any members have failed to report to work or have had attendance issues.

“The fact that Rollex members continue to show up to work every day during these dangerous times is a testament to not only their dedication and handwork, but their bravery. Rollex needs to recognize this immediately and compensate its employees properly. Frontline, essential workers are not expendable—Rollex must protect and pay its Teamsters workers” said John Coli, Jr, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. Throughout the Company’s website[1], Rollex praises itself for the quality and ingenuity of the products created daily in the plant; but without the hard work of Local 727 members there would be no products to speak of.

“If there is one thing this international health crisis has taught us, it’s that frontline workers are the cornerstone of our economy. Without the quality work and dedication of their Rollex employees, the company would not have any product to sell. We will continue to hold Rollex and every employer with members we represent accountable,” said John Coli, Jr.

The Union will continue to update members as more information becomes available.

Members with questions should contact Business Agent Melissa Senatore at (847) 696-7500.
[1] See,

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