Steward Profile: Dennis Wilson of MV Transportation, North Cook

| May 12, 2017

“It’s like a family.” These words nicely sum up Dennis Wilson’s feelings about being a member of Teamsters Local 727. A paratransit driver for 14 years, Dennis was one of the original employees of MV Transportation’s Niles facility when the drivers were organized to join Local 727 back in 2008.

Dennis loves being a member of the union, and the union has returned that love by appointing him steward in 2016. “The union has always been a great source of inspiration for me,” said Dennis. “I most appreciate the friendly people, and have always been treated right. If I need anything resolved, one of the union people is always available and returns my calls promptly.”

With several new members now in training, Dennis tries to inspire them to attend the monthly meetings since it’s a great opportunity to get to know their fellow members and receive all the information the union gives out. “You got to show up to get the most out of being a member,” Dennis emphasized. With 200 Niles drivers as members, it’s no small task to get as many as possible to take the time on a Sunday to drive to Park Ridge.

Speaking of driving, it’s one of the main reasons Dennis enjoys his job so much. He’s not tied to a desk and is constantly on the move. “I like driving and helping people most of all, Dennis said. “I get to know my customers and they get to know me. We get along really well because I take good care of them and they know that they can rely on me.”

For Dennis, being a paratransit driver is also a lot like being a steward. Despite the hours and effort the job can often entail, being a steward brings great satisfaction to Dennis as well as to the people that Dennis serves. It’s the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have helped someone or made a difference in the lives of working men and women and in the process made the Teamsters a stronger union.



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