President Coli Rallies Public to Can the Tax

| June 27, 2017

Amid chants of “can the tax …can the tax,” Teamsters Local 727 President John Coli, Jr. took to the microphone and kicked off the Can the Tax rally held outside at the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. Coli framed the tax issue as a threat to hundreds if not thousands of decent-paying jobs throughout Cook County.

The rally garnered local news coverage, including on WGN-TV.

“For us, the beverage tax is personal because it could have a dramatic impact on our families,” Coli said. “At a time when our state is not attracting businesses or creating jobs, and Cook County’s population continues to decline, we should be working together to keep the quality jobs we have and protect working families.”

Echoing Coli’s message was a diverse group of speakers including Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey (who voted against the tax); Brian Jordan, president of the Illinois Food Retailers Association Board of Directors; and restaurant owners such as Carol Bollacker of Boz Hot Dogs in Lansing.

“The beverage tax will drive consumers out of the county,” said Brian Jordan. “They will travel to the collar counties and even Indiana to buy their beverages. If Cook County needs to raise revenue, then it should first look in the county to cut and then find new revenue sources that are broad, fair, stable and transparent.”

Beginning July 1, Cook County residents will pay as much as 67% more for everyday beverages. Let’s show off our Teamster power and contact the commissioners of the Cook County Board, letting them know that we think this tax is unfair to working families and harmful to local businesses. Tell them to CAN THE TAX!

You can also show your support by joining the Can the Tax coalition.


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