PHOTOS: At March Meeting, Local 727 Members Enthusiastically Applaud Endorsement of Lori Lightfoot for Mayor

| April 1, 2019

During yesterday’s March general membership meeting, Teamsters Local 727 members enthusiastically applauded Secretary-Treasurer John Coli, Jr.’s announcement of the Union’s endorsement of Lori Lightfoot for Mayor of the City of Chicago.

“Lori Lightfoot understands the struggles facing Local 727 members,” said Secretary-Treasurer Coli.  “She is the mayor our city needs.”

Secretary-Treasurer Coli recently stressed some of Local 727 members’ top political concerns to Lightfoot, including the preservation of fair parking taxes, prevention of a city soda tax, and the enforcement of the city’s valet license statutes.

“Lori has railed against job-killing taxes—including last year’s skewed tax-break for parking apps and the disastrous Cook County Soda Tax—even going as far as to say the soda tax will ‘never happen’ on her watch,” said Coli.  “And just as this Union has advocated for the use of valet license inspections as a just source of revenue, Lori has similarly vowed to identify and utilize alternative funding sources that will avoid placing an undue burden on the backs of this city’s working families.”

“Lori has the best interests of Chicago’s workers in mind,” added Coli, “but she needs our help.  On behalf of the entire Executive Board, I encourage all Local 727 members to vote tomorrow for Lori Lightfoot for Mayor of Chicago.  Use the power of your ballot to make your voice heard.”

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