Osco Management’s Latest Proposal Falls Short; Union to Gather Pharmacists’ Input

| June 8, 2016

Osco management finally presented a comprehensive contract proposal that incorporates all remaining economic and non-economic issues at 7 p.m. Wednesday during federal mediation. However, the proposal adequately addresses only five of the Teamsters Local 727 Bargaining Committee’s remaining 14 issues that were outlined in the union’s last, best and final offer.

“They need to do better,” said John T. Coli, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “But we can’t make any movement from our last, best and final offer without first receiving input from Osco pharmacists.”


Union representatives and stewards will be reaching out to Osco pharmacists to get feedback on the company’s proposal and what they would like the Local 727 Bargaining Committee to do before mediation resumes on June 16.

The company’s latest proposal still does not address the following issues:

  • Modify Section 3.5 to reflect that part-timers will be offered hours at their home store if less than one week of part-time hours becomes available.
  • Modify Section 5.10 and 5.11 to include part-time pharmacists as eligible to receive personal days as outlined in those sections (2 additional days). Part-time pay for personal days is based on a day’s pay.
  • Modify Section 5.12 to reflect that part-time payment for personal days is based on a days pay.
  • Modify Section 7.3 and Section 7.7 to require the Company to email all open positions to full and part-time employees.
  • Modify Section 7.8 to require the Company to use its best efforts to assign floaters to stores closest to their home store and allow floaters to bid on open home store locations by seniority.
  • Modify Article 11 to prevent the Employer from disciplining Head Pharmacists based on the performance of other employees.
  • Section 6.1 Health and Welfare- Contributions to all Plans are frozen. The rates for the HRA plan are set at the Jewel Warehouse rates found in the attached document. All Health and Welfare Plan benefits are offered on the same terms as management and other employees of Jewel-Osco. If any union group receives lower premiums then the pharmacists will receive the same premiums.
  • Section 6.2 Retirement– Employees are guaranteed a 50% match up to 7% of the employees yearly earnings and effective 9/6/2018 the Employer will contribute $0.50 per hour to each employees 401(k) account for all hours worked up to 40 hours per week.
  • Appendix A and BIncrease Wages by 2.5% each year for all classifications. The first year’s increase is retroactive to May 8, 2016.



The company’s new proposal includes annual wage increases of $1.05, $1.05 and $1.15 and does not include retroactivity. The company also is still proposing that pharmacists hired or promoted after May 8, 2016, may be required to work without limitation on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

The union is working on complete comparison of the Local 727 Bargaining Committee’s last, best and final offer and the company’s latest proposal.

Contact your Local 727 business representative, Zach Frankenbach, at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected] or your union stewards and let them know what you think about the company’s proposal.


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