NLRB Issues Complaint Against CDT

| August 15, 2017

Region 13 of the National Labor Relations Board issued its first-ever complaint based on a ULP filed by Teamsters Local 727 against Cook-DuPage Transportation. The complaint, issued on August 8, 2017, was as a result of CDT’s refusal to provide information to the Union. This information was necessary for Local 727 to perform its duties as the representative of CDT employees.

“We’re very pleased that the NLRB found merit with Local 727’s unfair labor practice charge against CDT,” said John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “CDT will now have to explain to the Board why it couldn’t comply with the Union’s simple request for information.”

Local 727 has filed other charges which the Region found meritorious. There are currently countless arbitrations and grievances still pending against CDT.

Members with questions should contact Business Representative Donnie Von Moore at (773) 403-1032 or [email protected].

Nothing in this article should be read as the union’s waiver of any legal argument, position or additional grievance. The union does not forfeit its right to make any and all supplemental arguments.


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