Negotiations Remain Amicable As Local 727, Reyes Further Address Overtime Postings, Grievances

| November 16, 2015

Further discussion on outstanding non-economic issues was productive and amicable between Reyes/Great Lakes Coca-Cola and Teamsters Local 727 on Monday, November 16.

Contract negotiations resumed with the focus on resolving non-economic issues before presenting initial economic proposals. Among the few provisions that remain, Reyes agreed to withdraw its proposal to attach a labor-management committee to the grievance procedure. Local 727 representatives will process grievances and enforce contractual rights for all members in Reyes’ Chicago and Alsip facilities.

The union and the company also addressed the need to clarify overtime assignments and eliminate mass overtime postings. During negotiations last week, Reyes agreed to immediately change overtime posting to include volunteer sign-up sheets for all workers to sign up for overtime opportunities. Changes will be made right away in Chicago, with Alsip to follow suit.

As part of any new contract, Local 727 wants overall communication between management and workers regarding overtime to improve, which could include new notifications for overtime assignments via text and email to all employees.

“We’re making headway as negotiations continue with Reyes. We’re getting closer day-by-day to reaching final terms on a strong and fair tentative agreement,” said John Coli, Jr., President of Local 727. “Just a couple non-economic issues remain on the table, and the entire Local 727 Bargaining Committee is confident we will have an agreement on these proposals in the coming days. Being able to set these issues aside will allow us to finalize an economic agreement for members’ wages and benefits.”

The Bargaining Committee met late into the evening on Monday to lay the final foundation for its economic proposal. Economics, including wages, will be addressed by management and the union this week. Local 727 already has distributed its proposals regarding vacations, sick time, holidays and related issues. Members will be kept up-to-date as these discussions move forward.

Bargaining will resume on Tuesday, November 17, with further negotiations on Thursday, November 19.

Among non-economic issues, Local 727 and Reyes will continue to address:
• The use of temporary employees at both facilities
• Seniority rights for part-time and full-time workers at both facilities
• Uniform and safety shoe allowances
• The right of workers to not cross picket lines sanctioned by Teamsters Joint Council 25

Members are strongly encouraged to wear their new red Teamster T-shirts to work on Tuesday, November 17. Drivers and merchandisers should still wear their required uniforms. If anyone did not receive a shirt, or has any questions, please contact agent Aisha Hurston at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].

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