Local 727’s Calls for a Revote on 12-Hour Day Succeed, IL Pharmacy Task Force to Address Issue at August 13 Meeting

| August 12, 2019

For two months, Teamsters Local 727 has demanded the Illinois Collaborative Pharmaceutical Task Force revote its motion recommending a pharmacist’s workday be capped at 12 hours.  The Union’s persistence was rewarded last week when it was informed that the Task Force will motion for a revote at its meeting tomorrow, August 13.

Local 727’s calls for a revote initially stem from the Task Force’s refusal during its June meeting to permit Teamster pharmacists advocating for an 8-hour day to speak on the issue prior to the motion’s vote.  Despite Union representatives pointing out that that the Illinois Open Meetings Act gives every person the right to address public officials, the Task Force continued to deny the pharmacists’ right to speak and proceeded to vote in favor of recommending a pharmacist’s work day be capped at 12 hours.

In addition to motioning for a revote, pharmacist speakers will also be listed on the August agenda to further ensure that they are given time to speak.  Teamster pharmacists will have the opportunity to share their experiences and make their case for an 8-hour cap before the Task Force reconsiders its recommendation for the maximum length of a pharmacist’s workday.

Local 727 strongly urges pharmacists who have struggled with the 12-hour work day to send their stories to Local 727 Osco Business Representative Zach Frankenbach or Local 727 CVS Business Representative Melissa Senatore so they may be shared with the Task Force at Tuesday’s meeting.

“Local 727 prides itself on our record of success of protecting the rights of our members.  We don’t give up and we don’t back down until our Brothers and Sisters receive the fair treatment they deserve,” said John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727.  “We look forward to supporting our members as they bravely stand and call for safe pharmaceutical standards in Illinois.”

Members with questions should contact Local 727 Osco Business Representative Zach Frankenbach at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected] or Local 727 CVS Business Representative Melissa Senatore at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].

Nothing in this article should be read as the union’s waiver of any legal argument, position or grievance(s), or as a waiver of any rights, arguments, or defenses under any contract, collective bargaining agreement, or applicable law.  The union does not forfeit its right to make any and all supplemental arguments.

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