Local 727 Wins Election for 47 University of Chicago Shuttle Bus Drivers

| March 21, 2018

With 100% of participants voting ‘yes’ for union representation, University of Chicago shuttle bus drivers employed by First Transit have overwhelmingly chosen to be represented by Teamsters Local 727. Local 727 also currently represents two First Transit bargaining units – First Transit Chicago PACE and First Transit DuPage.

“This was a tremendous organizing victory and I commend our organizing department for its efforts,” said John Coli Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Local 727 welcomes our new brothers and sisters into the Teamsters family and looks forward to negotiating their first contract.”

By joining Teamsters Local 727, the group of 47 University of Chicago shuttle bus drivers will now be given a voice for better working conditions, fair pay, strong benefits and respect through a legal, binding contract.

“My father was a union member for 40 years and because of the union we were able to live a good middle-class life,” said bus driver Jamesramy Harvey. “As a former soda company Teamster myself, I witnessed firsthand how the union fought to protect workers. I know that with Teamsters Local 727 in our corner we will be very well-represented.”

Following certification of the election results by the National Labor Relations Board, the Union will begin the process of negotiating a first contract. This process will kick-off with an “employee demands” meeting in which First Transit University of Chicago shuttle bus drivers will have the opportunity to speak with their new union business representative and voice their proposals and issues they want addressed in their first contract.

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