Local 727 Volunteers for Political Candidates Ahead of the Illinois Primary

| February 26, 2018

Representatives of Teamsters Local 727 have been hitting the pavement this February by volunteering for political candidates up for re-election in the March 20 Illinois primary. Walking door-to-door last weekend on the northwest side of Chicago, Secretary-Treasurer John Coli Jr. and volunteer Local 727 staff handed out fliers and talked to the public about candidates who support the labor movement, including Cook County Board Commissioner John Fritchey of the 12th District.

“Commissioner Fritchey has been a strong ally of working families and unions,” said Coli. “He has championed legislation that increased Cook County’s minimum wage and fought for the repeal of the regressive sweetened beverage tax which, had it stayed in effect, would have led to the layoffs of hundreds of union workers in the beverage industry. Local 727 is proud to support Commissioner Fritchey and labor-friendly politicians like him for re-election.”

Local 727 will also be volunteering on behalf of Richard Boykin, the 1st District Cook County Board Commissioner. Like Commissioner Fritchey, Commissioner Boykin supported an increase in Cook County’s minimum wage and fought for the repeal of the job-killing soda tax, while also spearheading efforts to mandate employer-paid sick leave.

“Over the past four years, Commissioner Boykin has shown himself to be a true friend to all hardworking men and women,” Coli said. “We look forward to seeing him re-elected.”

Local 727 calls on all of its members to get out and vote on March 20 to ensure that public officials like Commissioners Fritchey and Boykin can continue the fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, and a higher standard of living for the residents of Cook County. To view a list of other Union-endorsed candidates, click here.

“Now, more than ever before it is critical to support officials who have proven their dedication and competence in advocating on behalf of the labor movement. We must stand as one to elect representatives willing to listen and act in the best interests of our Union brothers and sisters,” said Coli.

Early voting runs through March 19. To register online or to verify your registration is correct, visit www.elections.il.gov.

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