Local 727 Osco Bargaining Committee Prepares for Contract Negotiations

| April 5, 2016

The Teamsters Local 727 Bargaining Committee came together April 4 to prepare for contract negotiations with Osco management, which are set to begin April 12.

The Local 727 Bargaining Committee — composed of Osco pharmacist stewards, union representatives and attorneys — spent the day going through the union’s draft proposal, which is based on member demands gathered by the union via site visits, meetings at the union hall, direct mail and online submissions.

Osco stewards had the opportunity to voice concerns and provide crucial feedback in order to arrive at a complete, comprehensive contract proposal that best reflects the membership’s wishes.

“We have assembled an incredibly strong team of dedicated stewards, experienced union reps and skilled attorneys to represent our members’ best interests at the bargaining table,” said John T. Coli, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Everyone understands what is on the line and that in order to be successful, we must stand together with one voice.”

The Local 727 Bargaining Committee is scheduled to begin contract negotiations with Osco management April 12. Additional bargaining dates have been scheduled for April 19, April 21, April 26, April 27 and April 29.

The current three-year contract covering more than 500 Osco pharmacists expires May 7, 2016.

Throughout negotiations, Local 727 will provide pharmacists with timely bargaining updates via email blasts, OscoTeamsters.com and TeamstersLocal727.org. To receive updates in your email inbox, contact Communications Director Maggie Jenkins at [email protected].

If you have questions, contact your Local 727 business representative, Zach Frankenbach, at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].


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