Local 727 Helps ‘Spur’ Change at Teamsters Women’s Conference in San Antonio, Texas

| September 19, 2017

Secretary-Treasurer John Coli Jr. with Local 727 members at Teamsters Women’s Conference in San Antonio, TX

Members of Teamsters Local 727 are proud participants at this year’s Teamster’s Women’s Conference being held in San Antonio, Texas. Themed “Teamster Women Spur Change,” the annual three-day conference kicked off Sunday and concludes today. Teamster men and women have had a unique opportunity to empower one another through educational workshops, speaker panels and social networking.

“This conference provides an opportunity for all the locals to come together and inspire one another,” said John Coli Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Teamster women are fighters and it has been incredible to hear their stories of strength and dedication to what they and we all stand for – equality, diversity, and fair wages for all.”


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