Local 727 Celebrates Labor Day

| September 4, 2017

Another Labor Day has arrived, and with it, a day off of work and school. It has been this way since 1894 when Labor Day became a federal holiday honored on the first Monday in September. Many of us, particularly those outside the labor movement, may take the holiday for granted, not appreciating how labor unions like Teamsters Local 727 make a middle-class lifestyle possible.

A union contract allows members to enjoy, among other things, higher pay rates, health and welfare benefits, paid vacation and personal time off, and a pension upon retirement.

“As a union, it is an incredible honor to fight for workers and stand up for their rights, as they make our economy run,” said John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Labor Day is a celebration of this fact and of the hard work our members and workers everywhere perform.”

Happy Labor Day!


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