Local 727 Attorneys Work to Complete Final Merged Pepsi Contract Draft

| May 4, 2016

Teamsters Local 727 is awaiting the updated contract draft document from Pepsi management that includes the company’s last, best and final economic offer.

While the Union awaits the document that with the last, best and final offer included, union attorneys have begun reviewing the merged contract draft sent by the company on May 3. A significant amount of time was spent merging four contracts into one unified agreement at the bargaining table and during subcommittee meetings, which now must be taken out of red-line format and checked to ensure all of the language is correct.

Once a final, correct contract draft is complete, Local 727 representatives will distribute copies to the membership for review before taking a vote.

Local 727 will continue to update the membership as more information becomes available. If you have questions, contact your Local 727 Business Representative.

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