Former Chicago Police Officer Shares Garage, Street Safety Tips with Local 727 Parking Members

| July 17, 2017

Ron Rufo with Local 727 Benefit Funds representative Mary Ellyn Moore

Retired Chicago Police officer Ron Rufo, Ph.D. gave a lively and informative talk to Teamsters Local 727 parking industry managers, union business representatives, and union stewards on July 10 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago.

Rufo highlighted the measures parking facility operators can take to deter crime and theft in their garages. Not surprisingly, much of it relies on one’s intuition. “Always go with your gut feeling,” Rufo said. “98.9% of the time your gut feeling, or sixth sense, will be correct.”

To better protect your customer’s vehicle, Rufo advised that all valuables be placed in the trunk, even loose change. “You don’t want to give a thief any reason to break into a vehicle.” Another tip is to remind customers to lock their doors. Vehicle theft is a crime of opportunity, noted Rufo. “Don’t make it easy or tempting for a thief.”

Local 727 represents approximately 3,500 members employed in the parking industry.

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