First Joint Labor-Management Committee Meeting Held Between Union and CDT

| February 14, 2018

Teamsters Local 727 and CDT representatives recently held the first Joint Labor-Management Committee meeting. Due to Local 727’s efforts at reforming CDT’s operations, CDT’s new owner, National Express, agreed to form a joint labor-management committee to address and resolve any existing working conditions which have negatively affected members, including but not limited to the issues of vehicle and facility cleanliness. The purpose of the committee is for CDT management to hear directly from Local 727 members and, together with the Union, come up with solutions to address these issues.

Convening on January 30, 2018, Union and CDT management participants discussed vehicle and facility cleanliness, as well as the issues of “4 and Go’s,” driver safety, removals from service and new technology.

Local 727 forced management to address the issues of vehicle and facility cleanliness, even going so far as planning to attend a PACE board meeting in December to inform the public about unsanitary conditions. At the Committee meeting, CDT management presented a blueprint of the new CDT facility that is scheduled to open in August. The 12,000 square-foot facility is to feature a full car wash, 12 fully-equipped service bays, a 50,000 square-foot garage for parking PACE vehicles, a larger fully-equipped driver room and four acres of outside parking for employees. CDT believes more regular cleaning of vehicles, which has already begun, and the new facility with a full car wash will resolve the cleanliness issues.

On the topic of 4 and Go’s, the Union, several days after the Committee meeting, received a response from CDT concerning a 4 and Go audit report presented by Local 727. Local 727 requested this information and reviewed it for compliance. At the Union’s insistence, CDT did confirm at the meeting that any driver who was given a 4 and Go out of seniority order will be paid. Drivers assigned out of seniority need to contact their union business representative, Donnie Von Moore.

During the meeting, members shared their stories of recent altercations they had had with clients. One was physically attacked while she was driving and had to pull over to the side of the road. Another was verbally assaulted. John Coli Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727, was adamant that CDT management not only hear this information but do something about it.

“I want to thank member Florine Adams as well as the stewards in attendance for speaking up during the meeting to tell their stories,” said Coli. “It was a brave thing to do and they are to be commended. No member should have to endure this type of abuse. The Union will continue to hold CDT accountable for driver safety.”

CDT indicated that it will discuss possible remedies regarding the safety of drivers and other issues that may arise with PACE.

Due to the Union’s success at getting CDT to agree to pay employees who are not at fault for being removed from service, the Company said it would set up automatic payments to those employees. Any driver who believes CDT is not following this pay procedure should contact Donnie Von Moore.

According to the contract between Local 727 and CDT, the Company must first meet with the Union before the installation of a new technology device to replace the Rangers. CDT failed to meet with the Union to explain the use and purpose of the technology and as a result, the Union objected to the installation. At the meeting, the Company said it has halted its implementation until further notice.

Going forward, the two Parties are intending to meet monthly. The second meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6.



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