DoubleTree Arlington Heights Housekeepers Ratify First Union Contract

| December 2, 2015

Thirty housekeepers at DoubleTree Arlington Heights ratified their first union contract just a few weeks after shuttle bus drivers at the hotel did the same.

Both bargaining units voted to join Teamsters Local 727 late last year.

“The union fought to secure solid agreements for our new members with provisions that truly demonstrate the value of a Teamster contract,” said John Coli Jr., President of Teamsters Local 727.

The housekeepers’ five-year contract, which expires Aug. 31, 2020, includes annual wage increases, paid sick/personal days and crucial job protections such as a grievance and arbitration procedure, seniority and non-discrimination clauses and roll-off for discipline.

The union also secured ratification bonuses and additional pay for employees who clean more than 15 rooms per day.

“This union has made a commitment to elevating the hotel industry standards across the board by organizing more than 100 drivers, housekeepers, front desk agents and other workers and securing strong first contracts for them,” Coli said.

Teamsters Local 727 represents more than 9,000 hardworking men and women, including nearly 300 hotel industry workers, throughout the Greater Chicago area.


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