CVS Shows Disregard for Pharmacists’ Concerns by Wasting Time During Latest Mediation Session

| October 6, 2017

The Teamsters Local 727 Bargaining Committee and CVS management resumed negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement on October 3, 2017. The Union, as in previous negotiations, was forthright in expressing its desire to reach a fair agreement. Unfortunately, CVS continued to waste time and make no movement.

The Union began negotiations by rejecting CVS’s proposal to essentially remove PICS from the bargaining unit. The Union Bargaining Committee spent the remainder of the day waiting for CVS to provide a comprehensive response to the Union’s last proposal. Although CVS had more than two months and the entire day in which to prepare a response, no response ever came.

CVS was also unwilling to provide new dates to meet with the Union, making it clear that negotiations are not a priority for the Company.

“CVS seems to think that by wasting another bargaining session the Union and pharmacists will just give up,” said John Coli Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727. “Management is mistaken, because that will never happen. Despite all their delay tactics, CVS is not going to discourage Local 727 from continuing to fight for pharmacists’ top priorities and demands, which, among other things, include fair wage increases and full retroactivity.”

During negotiations, Local 727 initiated a conversation with CVS regarding the new mandatory counseling law and its effect on pharmacists’ meal times and breaks. The Union made it clear that current contract language guarantees each pharmacist uninterrupted rest periods and meal breaks and asked CVS what plan was in place to ensure that this right is protected in light of the new law. CVS was unwilling to address the issue directly, instead claiming that current break policies and procedures were sufficient. Local 727 explained that it expected CVS to provide these breaks and that counseling is not a valid basis on which to interrupt pharmacists during their much-needed breaks. The Union will be filing a grievance over the issue as well as continuing to fight for a fair break policy in contract negotiations.

REMEMBER: Under federal law, CVS may not change the status quo of any working condition during bargaining even though the contract has expired.

If you have questions, contact Local 727 Business Representative Melissa Senatore at (847) 696-7500 or [email protected].

Nothing in this article should be read as the union’s waiver of any legal argument, position or additional grievance. The union does not forfeit its right to make any and all supplemental arguments.


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