CVS Management Sticks to Radical Concessions, Ignores Key Issues During Bargaining With Teamster Pharmacists

| May 26, 2016

Throughout a full-day of new contract negotiations on May 26, management for CVS altogether refused to budge from the radical concessions its demanding of Teamster-represented pharmacists.

Thursday marked the ninth bargaining session between Local 727 and CVS. Yet the company that reported revenue last quarter of $43.2 billion continues to demand pharmacists work 12-hour shifts and perform other work on uncompensated time.

“CVS is kicking the can down the road — ignoring critical proposals from the union and failing to address the issues we need to bargain the most,” said John Coli., Jr., President of Local 727. “Their unreasonable proposals insult hardworking pharmacists and put the public in a dangerous spot of trying to fill prescriptions with overworked and undervalued medical professionals.”

The three-year contract covering about 150 Chicago-area CVS pharmacists expired Saturday, May 7. CVS management has made little movement to address “quality of life” concerns, such as uninterrupted breaks, reasonable workday rules and elimination of excessive tasks that take away from pharmacists’ primary job responsibilities.

Instead, the company is still demanding that pharmacists work 12-hour shifts without allowing them the time and support they need to complete their ever-growing list of daily tasks.

CVS on Thursday responded to the union’s previous economic proposal by adding just 15-cents to the company’s own meager proposal for 1 percent wage increases. That shallow movement still leaves CVS pharmacists earning less than Local 727-represented pharmacists with Jewel-Osco.

The company also has reinterated its desire to establish new holiday work restrictions and cut store and work hours overall as CVS sees fit. Management told the union it would be interested in reviewing workplace conditions and discussing them with Local 727 but only after the company was able to implement 12-hour work schedules at area pharmacies.

Local 727 will update pharmacists as soon as any new future bargaining sessions are scheduled. Visit for regular updates.

Any members with questions should contact Melissa Senatore at [email protected].

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