Coca-Cola Admits to Overcharging for Health Care Costs

| December 15, 2015

During federal mediation with Teamsters Local 727 on Tuesday, Coca-Cola Refreshments openly admitted its unreasonable proposals would overcharge workers for health care coverage.

Across the bargaining table, Coca-Cola said its own actuaries estimate future health care costs would increase no more than 10 percent each year. Yet Coca-Cola’s last proposal to the Teamsters shows the company increasing workers’ health care premiums by 20 percent in the first year alone.

The Bargaining Committee and Local 727 President John Coli Jr. asked Coca-Cola representatives to explain themselves. Management couldn’t justify its position, but maintained the proposal nonetheless.

“Coca-Cola can’t defend itself,” Coli said. “They want to overcharge workers for no reason and then watch those costs continue to climb. Their behavior, which they won’t explain, is downright cruel.”

Mediation is continuing. After the first four hours of resumed negotiations Tuesday, Coca-Cola Refreshments still hasn’t given the union a new proposal.

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