Chicago Sun Times Article Highlights Union Pharmacist’s Struggles Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

| March 26, 2020

Today, the Chicago Sun Times released an article which includes excepts from an interview with Teamsters Local 727 Union Steward, Michael Trnka. A full link to the article and excerpts can be found below.

“Michael Trnka, a Jewel-Osco pharmacist, said that while he and others in his industry continue to show up for work, “not enough is being done to protect us.” He noted a shortage of hand sanitizer and that appropriate face masks weren’t available, among other things.

“As late as last week, pharmacists were being told that it’s unprofessional to wear masks while vaccinating patients in small, closed rooms,” Trnka said.

He said his union, Teamsters Local 727, had successfully fought to have Jewel-Osco install “sneeze guards” in the pharmacy.

“We serve the public in their time of need,” he said. “By disregarding proper sanitation and safety measures … we are put in harm’s way, and through this, we risk our health, our family’s health and the public’s health.”

To read the full Chicago Sun Times article click here.


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