CDT Paratransit Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify New One-Year CBA

| November 21, 2018

After months of negotiations, Teamsters Local 727 paratransit members employed by paratransit operator Cook DuPage Transportation Co, Inc., a subsidiary of National Express, overwhelmingly ratified a successor collective bargaining agreement on Monday, November 19th.  The new one-year agreement, which covers paratransit drivers, porters, dispatchers, recon, and customer service representatives, includes retroactive wage raises and an improved benefits package, as well as enhances workplace safety and job protections.

Among the top achievements of the Local 727 bargaining committee was the successful negotiation of hourly wage raises that place bargaining unit members’ earnings at or above area industry standards.  These wage raises, which are retroactive to November 1st, will also be accompanied by a freeze on the current health care premiums for all employees who complete a biometric screening, enhanced dental and vision insurance, and an increase in paid time off.  Thanks to Local 727’s new contract, all CDT employees will now receive 5 combined sick and personal days and eligible employees may even receive up to an additional 2 PTO days.

Local 727 bargaining committee members with John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727  (front right) and Local 727 Business Representative for CDT members Donnie Von Moore (back right) on Nov. 19th as CDT members overwhelmingly vote to ratify a new one-year collective bargaining agreement.

The Union has also succeeded in completely eliminating 4 and Go’s for all CDT members.  Rather, the new collective bargaining agreement guarantees 8 hours of pay (or 10 hours of pay if the employee is scheduled to work a 10-hour shift) for all employees who arrive to work within two minutes of their scheduled start-time.

Local 727’s new agreement with CDT also improves members’ workplace protections.  Not only are members protected by a more efficient and enhanced grievance procedure, but under the new contract CDT drivers will no longer be required to transport abusive passengers or customers who refuse to wear proper safety restraints.  Additionally, CDT is now contractually obligated to keep vehicles clean and free of infestations.

Under the newly ratified agreement, CDT members can also expect to participate in a rebid of all schedules by seniority following the Company’s facility change.  As part of the rebid, 8-hour opportunities must be included for D-Van drivers, unless CDT can demonstrate these shifts are not operationally possible.

Also among the top accomplishments of the Local 727 bargaining committee was the successful blockage of a CDT proposal to drastically expand the Company’s ability to implement and utilize new technology.  Unlike many unions who have given in to National Express’s technology-related demands, Local 727 refused to budge and flatly rejected the proposal each time it was presented.

“This Union isn’t in the business of conceding ground to Companies.  We are here to protect and fight for the best interests of our members,” emphasized John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Local 727.  “Local 727’s previous contract with CDT contained language that adequately addressed technology rights and required no alteration.  There was never a chance our Union would give in to such an unnecessary change.”

“This strong collective bargaining agreement is a direct result of the exceptional work, tremendous effort, and perseverance of the Local 727 bargaining committee,” added Secretary-Treasurer Coli.  “The negotiating process may have been long, but we truly believe it has resulted in the best contract with National Express among all Teamster locals.”

Copies of the full contract will be mailed to all Local 727 CDT members in the coming weeks.  CDT members can also expect to see their retroactive pay, as well as any outstanding red light camera citation reimbursements, on their December 14th paycheck.

Members with questions should contract Business Representative Donnie Von Moore at (773) 403-1032 or [email protected].

Nothing in this article should be read as the union’s waiver of any legal argument, position or additional grievance. The union does not forfeit its right to make any and all supplemental arguments.



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