Allied Security Guard Hit by Vehicle at Navy Pier as Veteran Officers Kept on Strike

| May 31, 2017

A less qualified security guard used by Allied Universal in place of veteran officers at Navy Pier was struck by a vehicle while attempting to direct traffic at the major tourist attraction on Saturday, May 27.

Eyewitnesses and police officers on the scene reported the incident and spoke with members of Teamsters Local 727, which organized a peaceful rally at the pier on Saturday night. The security guard was taken away in an ambulance, witnesses said.

Local 727 represents 43 Navy Pier security, fire and safety officers who’ve been on strike against Allied Universal for unfair labor practices since May 18. Allied is attempting to replace all officers with an unskilled workforce earning 40 percent less than the long-term, professional officers represented by the Teamsters. Allied also is trying to eliminate workers’ pensions and increase their out-of-pocket expenses for health care.

“This unfortunate accident speaks to the lack of training and experience with Navy Pier’s complex traffic patterns,” said Caleen Carter-Patton, Local 727 business representative. “Incidents like this would not have occurred with any of our professionally-trained members. They bring many combined years of experience working at the Pier and know how to handle large crowds and heavy automotive traffic.”

Allied has taken over Navy Pier security management from previous employer SMG, with whom Local 727 negotiated a five-year contract for officers in June 2016. So far, Allied has refused to recognize or honor the Teamsters’ current collective bargaining contract.

As Allied continues to take risks with inexperienced security personnel at Navy Pier, other security companies, and even the Chicago Police Department, are putting more emphasis on increasing public safety. Following the recent devastating terrorist attack in Manchester, England, Teamster members and employees at McCormick Place have reported that the CPD has elevated its alert level at the international trade show venue.

“Now is not the time for Allied to be putting profits over public safety,” said John Coli, Jr., President of Local 727. “With terrorist attacks occurring around the world, it’s no surprise that major venues like Navy Pier and McCormick Place in Chicago could be potential targets. This is the scary reality we’re dealing with today, and unfortunately Allied’s current behavior is putting the public at even greater risk. We cannot and should not entrust the safety of millions to inexperienced and unskilled security guards being paid the absolute minimum.”

Teamsters Local 727 represents more than 10,000 hardworking professionals throughout Chicago and northern Illinois.

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