727 Purchases Thousands of Cloth Masks for Distribution to Members Working During the Pandemic

| April 23, 2020

On March 21, Governor Pritzker mandated a “shelter in place” order that outlined the specific employees who were deemed “essential” and could leave their homes to go to work. Many Local 727 members are considered essential, frontline workers under Pritzker’s order and have continued to risk their health and the health of their families everyday to continue to serve the city of Chicago. Teamsters Local 727 has sent several comprehensive information requests to companies asking what policies and practices they were putting in place to protect our frontline members during this time. Additionally, Business Agents have made countless demands for enhanced social distancing policies, hand sanitizer distribution, mask distribution, and hazard pay. In many cases, employers have stepped up and provided hazard pay and hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, as a whole, employers have been lacking in obtaining and distributing masks to their employees despite the CDC’s recommendations that people wear masks when outside of their home. While medical masks such as N-95 masks are still reserved for those working the front lines in the medical fields, the CDC has recommends that a cloth mask be used to help protect individuals and their communities when outside their home.

When employers wouldn’t step up, Teamsters Local 727 stepped in—recently purchasing thousands of masks for distribution. “The Local has been able to purchase and expedite 4,000 masks to distribute to our 727 brothers and sisters on the front lines. We have members driving some of the city’s most vulnerable population to their appointments and others providing and distributing water and other beverages to city. We have frontline, essential members still parking cars at our city’s hospitals, and others still caring for animals at the Brookfield Zoo. Our pharmacists are distributing medications to patients, and our funeral directors are conducting services and comforting the families of those who have lost loved ones. Our members, and all essential, frontline workers deserve to be paid and protected during this time, and Teamsters Local 727 will keep fighting to ensure this happens,” said John Coli, Jr, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 727.

Members with question should call their Business Representative at (847) 696-7500.


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