2400 Lakeview Condominium Garage Employees Receive Covid-19 Hazard Pay

| May 13, 2020

Essential employees work in many different unionized industries including healthcare, transportation, food and beverage, funeral and livery services, and even parking.Teamsters Local 727 represents thousands of parking garage attendant employees working in residential and commercial garages all over Chicago, including residential garage attendants working at 2400 Lakeview Condominium building (a prominent building which overlooks Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park Zoo).

Just recently, after 727 demanded that 2400 Lakeview do more for its essential employees, the 2400 Lakeview building and its tenants showed their great appreciation for these essential employees by agreeing to provide temporary hazard pay, effective April 24. These hard working Union members put themselves and their families at risk for contracting Covid-19 each time they enter a vehicle to provide valet service to the building resident and visitors, many of whom are elderly. This new hazard pay is equivalent to a 12.5% pay increase per day. The garage parking staff is very pleased to hear that their employer recognized and understood the new risks they face as essential employees during this time.

“Many of our union members perform work that may not come to mind when you think about what’s “essential”. Nevertheless, the risk of viral exposure to these parking members and their families is no less than other essential workers. These members must come in close contact with members of the public and cannot work from home and shelter in place,” said John Coli, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 727. “The Union appreciates and commends the 2400 Lakeview Condominium Association for its recognition of these essential garage employees and encourages other residential buildings to follow this shining example and also provide temporary hazard pay to garage employees during this scary time.”

Members with questions should contact Business Representative Ben Rodriguez at (847) 696-7500.
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