Sept. 27, 2013
New Valet Contract Includes Affordable Health Care
Teamsters Local 727 representatives have secured for nearly 700 Chicago area valets a new contract that includes union health care coverage for full-time workers at dozens of companies. MORE

April 8, 2013
Teamster-Supported Parking Tax Bill Signed Into Law
A new law backed by Teamsters Joint Council 25 and Teamsters Local 727 is primed to bring greater efficiency and ease of understanding to parking tax ordinances in Chicago and Cook County. MORE

Feb. 25, 2013
Legacy Parking Signs Agreement with Union
Legacy Parking became the latest parking company sign a commercial agreement with Teamsters Local 727. MORE

Feb. 19, 2013
Encore Hospitality Signs Parking Contracts with Local 727
Encore Hospitality signed commercial parking and valet contracts with Teamsters Local 727 last month. MORE

Jan. 25, 2013
Impark Members Reinstated with Nearly $100,000 in Back Pay
Two Teamsters Local 727 parking members have been awarded reinstatement with close to $100,000 in back pay more than a year after Impark management violated the contract by not retaining the employees when it took over a location from Standard Parking. MORE

Dec. 5, 2012: 'It Was the Right Thing to Do'
Oct. 24, 2012: Courtesy Valet Member Returning to Work with Full Back Pay
Sept. 19, 2012: Standard Parking Members at Midway Use Improved Shift Bid Process
Sept. 17, 2012: Union Pushes to Strenghen ABM Parking's Accident Policy Language
Sept. 11, 2012: Local 727 Works to Get ABM Parking Member Back to Work
Aug. 30, 2012: NLRB to Issue Complaint Against Companies for Failing to Implement Master Parking Agreement
Aug. 20, 2012: Local 727 Members Begin Working at Downtown Luxury High-Rises
Aug. 16, 2012: Union Acts Swiftly to Return 12-Year Standard Parking Member to Work
Aug. 9, 2012: Local 727 Protects O'Hare Ground Transport Members' Jobs
June 21, 2012: SLIDESHOW: North Side High-Rise Locks Out Local 727 Garage Attendants
April 30, 2012: SLIDESHOW: Teamsters Show Solidarity with 5801-15 N. Sheridan Garage Attendants
April 24, 2012: Valet Returns to Work With $33,000 in Back Pay
April 19, 2012: Metra Lot Workers Reinstated With More Than $90,000 in Back Pay
March 13, 2012: SLIDESHOW: Chicago Teamsters Rally to Inform Public of Hunter Parking's Sub-Area Standards Wages and Benefits
Feb. 23, 2012: SLIDESHOW: Picket Targets Hunter Parking's Sub-Area Standards Wages, Benefits
Feb. 21, 2012: New Parking Meter Contract Includes Annual Raises, Union Health Care
Feb. 14, 2012: SLIDESHOW: Shuttle Bus Drivers Keep Up with Hustle and Bustle of Union Station
Feb. 3, 2012: Standard Parking Shuttle Drivers Join Local 727

Dec. 5, 2011: ULP Strike Ends, Garage Attendants Return to Work at Chicago High-Rise
Nov. 21, 2011: Local 727 Secures Five-Year Parking Agreement for More Than 3,000 Members
Nov. 21, 2011: SLIDESHOW: Teamsters Rally for Striking Members at Chicago High-Rise
Nov. 7, 2011: Union, Residents Fighting for Parking Workers' Reinstatement at Chicago High-Rise
Oct. 7, 2011: Parking Employees, Valets at Downtown Locations Join Local 727
Sept. 29, 2011: Hospitality Parking Services Employee Pleads Guilty to Damage of Union Property
Aug. 17, 2011: Hospitality Parking Services Employee Arrested After Wielding Knife
Aug. 5, 2011: SLIDESHOW: Local 727 Launches Handbilling Campaign Against Disrespectful Valet Employer
July 29, 2011: Parking Meter Enforcement Officers Join Local 727
May 24, 2011: Courtesy Valet Signs Contracts With Union
May 13, 2011: Workers at State Parking One, GP Parking One, Safe Parking Join Local 727
April 29, 2011: Four Ampco System Parking Members Reinstated
April 28, 2011: Union Action Prompts Company to Resume Paying Members
April 14, 2011: Local 727's Parking Membership Continues to Grow
March 30, 2011: 50 Years and Counting
March 28, 2011: SLIDESHOW: Chicago Teamsters Rally Against Disrespectful Valet Employer
March 21, 2011: Local 727 Fights to Get Parking Members Reinstated
March 11, 2011: SLIDESHOW: Parking Stewards, Local 727 Staff Complete Anti-Terrorism Training
Feb. 23, 2011: Parking Stewards Encouraged to Attend Security Training
Feb. 18, 2011: Local 727 Welcomes New Members at Metropolitan Valet
Jan. 20, 2011: Union Fights AMPCO Management on Contract Violations

Dec. 17, 2010: SLIDESHOW: Local 727 Rallies Support for New Members
Nov. 12, 2011: Strength in Numbers: A Message to Teamster Parking Members from Local 727 Secretary-Treasurer John T. Coli
Nov. 8, 2011: Union Looks Ahead to 2011 Parking Contract Negotiations
Oct. 29, 2010: SPOTLIGHT: Floyd Hughes, Local 727 Trustee and Recent Retiree
Oct. 5, 2010: Grievance Results in Shelter for Working Members
Sept. 30, 2010: A Life in Pictures
July 16, 2010: Teamster Reinstated With Full Back Pay
July 7, 2010: Valets Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify Three-Year Contract
June 17, 2010: Two Windy City Workers Back on the Job

More than half of Teamsters
Local 727’s total membership comes from workers in the
parking and valet industries. Whether at a downtown
Chicago condominium or the economy lots at Midway and O’Hare International Airports, Local 727 members are there, serving as car washers,
greasers, parking lot attendants, hikers, polishers, wash rack attendants, valets and other miscellaneous garage positions.

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